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Order of Operations
Defining Variables
Additive and Multiplicative Inverses
Simplifying Expressions and Combining Like Terms

Solving Equations

Solving Single-step Equations
Solving Two-step Equations
Solving Multi-step Equations
Solving Equations with a Variable on Both Sides
Solving Literal Equations
Percent Change

Solving and Graphing Inequalities

Linear Inequalities
Solving and Graphing Inequalities using Addition or Subtraction
Solving and Graphing Inequalities using Multiplication or Division
Solving and Graphing Multistep Inequalities
Solving and Graphing Compound Inequalities
Graphing 2 Variable Inequalities

Absolute Value

Definitions and Applications of Absolute Value
Absolute Value Equations
Absolute Value Inequalities
Absolute Value Inequality Graphs in Two Variables
Shifts in Absolute Value Graphs

Graphs and Functions

Plotting Points and Naming Quadrants
Interpreting Graphs
Relations and Determining Whether a Relation is a Function
Function Notation
Connecting Graphs, Tables, and Equations
Writing an Equation to Describe a Table
Writing an Equation to Describe Pictures
Domain and Range

Linear Equations and Their Graphs

Definition of Slope
Finding the Slope of a Line from a Graph
Finding the Slope of a Line from 2 Points
Finding the Slope of a Line from an Equation
Writing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form
Graphing Lines using a Table of Values
Applications of Linear Equations
Standard Form of Linear Equations
Intercepts of Linear Equations
Graphing Lines using Intercepts
Point-Slope Form of Linear Equations
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Direct Variation

Inverse Variation
Finding the Equation of a Graphed Line
How to Graph a Line using y=mx+b

Solving Systems of Equations

Introduction to Systems of Equations
Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing
Solving Systems of Equations using Substitution
Solving Systems of Equations using Elimination
Inconsistent and Dependent Systems of Equations
Solving Systems using Matrices
Systems of Inequalities

Word Problems Using Systems of Equations

Mixture Problems
Rate Word Problems
Work Word Problems
Coin Word Problems
Age Word Problems
Sum of Digits
Percent Concentrations
Selling Multiple Items


Introduction to Exponents
Multiplication and Division Properties of Exponents
Zero and Negative Exponents
Scientific Notation
Simplifying Expressions with Exponents


Polynomial Vocabulary
Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Multiplying Monomials and/or Binomials and FOIL
Multiplying Polynomials using Area Models
Multiplying Larger Degree Polynomials using Distributing
Multiplying Polynomials: Special Cases


Greatest Common Factors
Difference of Perfect Squares
Factoring Trinomials, a = 1
Factoring Trinomials, a is not 1
Factoring: Special Cases Part I
Factoring: Special Cases Part II

Quadratic Equations and Functions

Exploring Quadratic Graphs
Graphing Quadratic Equations
Vertical and Horizontal Shifts of Quadratic Graphs
Dilations of Quadratic Graphs
Vocabulary of Quadratic Polynomials
Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
Solving Quadratic Equations Using Square Roots
Completing the Square
The Quadratic Formula
The Discriminant

The Vertex and Axis of Symmetry
Applications of Quadratic Equations

Radical Expressions and Equations

Simplifying Radical Expressions
Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions
Multiplying and Distributing Radical Expressions
Dividing Radicals and Rationalizing the Denominator
Solving Radical Equations
Graphing Radical Equations using a Table
Graphing Radical Equations using Shifts
Estimating Square Roots
Cube Roots

Rational Expressions and Functions

Introduction to Rational Functions
Simplifying Rational Functions with Factoring and GCFs
Multiplying and Dividing Rationals
Dividing Polynomials
Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
Solving Rational Equations with Like Denominators
Solving Rational Equations with Unlike Denominators

Introduction to Statistics

Scatterplots and Correlations


Geometry Building Blocks:
**Three Undefined Terms: Point, Line, and Plane**
**Writing a Good Definition**
**Postulate, Axiom, Conjecture**
**Line Segments**
**Parallel and Skew Lines**
**Midpoints and Congruent Segments**
**Parallel Planes and Lines**
**Vertex and Diagonals**
**Calculating the Midpoint**
**Angles: Types and Labeling**
**Using a Protractor**
**Angle Bisectors**
**Supplementary and Complementary Angles**
**Types of Triangles**
**Parts of a Circle**
Reasoning, Diagonals, Angles and Parallel Lines:
**Inductive Reasoning**
**Deductive Reasoning**
**Number of Diagonals in a Polygon**
**Number of Handshakes at a Party**
**Adjacent Angles**
**Vertical Angles**
**Corresponding Angles**
**Alternate Interior Angles**
**Alternate Exterior Angles**
**Same Side Interior and Same Side Exterior Angles**
**Converse of Parallel Lines Theorem**
**Duplicating a Line Segment**
**Duplicating an Angle**
**Constructing the Perpendicular Bisector**
**Constructing a Perpendicular to a Line**
**Constructing an Angle Bisector**
**Constructing Parallel Lines**
**Constructing Altitudes**
**Constructing a Median**
**Constructing a Triangle Midsegment**
**Point of Concurrency**
**Circumscribed and Inscribed Circles and Polygons**
**Constructing the Incenter**
**Constructing the Circumcenter**
**Constructing the Orthocenter**
**Constructing the Centroid**
**Constructing a Perpendicular at a Point on a Line**
**Triangle Angle Sum**
**Isosceles Triangles**
**Triangle Side Inequalities**
**Triangle Side and Angle Inequalities**
**Remote Interior Angles**
**SSS and SAS**
**ASA and AAS**
**Why SSA and AAA Don't Work as Congruence Shortcuts**
**Two Column Proofs**
**Flowchart Proofs**
**Special Isosceles Triangle Properties**
**Polygon Angle Sum**
**Equiangular Polygon Sums**
**Exterior Angles of a Polygon**
**Kite Properties**
**Trapezoid Properties**
**Triangle Midsegment Properties**
**Trapezoid Midsegment Properties**
**Parallelogram Properties**
**Trapezoid Arch and Panel Design Problem**
**Rhombus Properties**
**Rectangle and Square Properties**
**Locus and Definition of a Circle and Sphere**
**Central Angles and Intercepted Arcs**
**Chords and a Circle's Center**
**Radii to Tangents**
**Tangent Segments to a Circle**
**Inscribed Angles**
**Angles in Semicircles and Chords to Tangents**
**Cyclic Quadrilaterals and Parallel Lines in Circles**
**Arc Length**
**Transformations and Isometries**
**Compositions of Transformations**
**Reflectional Symmetry**
**Rotational Symmetry**
**Glide Reflections**
**Area of Parallelograms**
**Area of Triangles**
**Area of Trapezoids**
**Solving Formulas**
**Area of Kites and Rhombuses**
**Center and Apothem of Regular Polygons**
**Area of Regular Polygons**
**Area of Circles**
**Area of a Sector**
**Area of a Segment**
**Area of an Annulus**
**Regions Between Circles and Squares**
**Surface Area of Prisms**
**Surface Area of Cylinders**
**Surface Area of Pyramids**
**Surface Area of Cones**
**Surface Area of Joined Solids**
Pythagorean Theorem:
**Pythagorean Theorem Proofs**
**Square Root Operations**
**Using the Pythagorean Theorem to find a Missing Hypotenuse**
**Using the Pythagorean Theorem to find a Missing Leg**
**Space Diagonals**
**Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem**
**45-45-90 Triangles**
**30-60-90 Triangles**
**Distance Formula**
**Equation of a Circle**
**Calculating Coordinates in the Unit Circle**
**3-D Solid Properties**
**Volume of Prisms**
**Volume of Cylinders**
**Volume of Cones**
**Volume of Pyramids**
**Solving Equations with Squares and Cubes**
**Volume of Spheres**
**Surface Area of Spheres**
**Solving Proportions**
**Properties of Similar Polygons**
**Similarity Shortcuts**
**Similar Triangles in Circles and Right Triangles**
**Indirect Measurement**
**Proportional Segments Between Parallel Lines**
**Corresponding Parts of Similar Triangles**
**Angle Bisectors and Opposite Side Ratios**
**Similarity and Area Ratios**
**Similarity and Volume Ratios**
Basic Trigonometry:
**Trigonometric Ratios: Sine**
**Trigonometric Ratios: Cosine**
**Trigonometric Ratios: Tangent**
**Inverse Trigonometric Functions**
**Angle of Elevation and Depression**
**Using Sine to Calculate the Area of a Triangle**
**The Law of Sines**
**The Law of Cosines**

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