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11th Grade Student – HSPA Preparation Resources:

These assignments will begin in October in preparation for the March HSPA


All 11th grade students will complete all of the required ASSISTments assignments as part of your preparation for the Mathematics High School Proficiency Assessment beginning March 5th, 2013. In addition to better preparing you for success on the state mandated graduation required assessment this collection of assignments will also count as a portion of your 3rd marking period grade in your mathematics class. (Highest level class if taking multiple mathematics courses) Extra credit benefits will also be in place for students who complete all or almost all of the assignments.

Student progress will be monitored on a regular basis, students failing behind the expected pace will be assigned time after the regular school day to catch up to the expected pace. You should have at least 25 assignments completed by Thursday December 6th to be on pace!

Individual assignments are completed by answering 3 problems correctly in a row without using any hints. After 10 problems you are locked out for that day but can try again 24 hours later.

If you cannot get 3 correct consecutively after attempting 10 problems this should be the trigger for you to seek help in this particular area from your Mathematics teacher, your HSPA teacher, your HSPA mentor, or visiting the MACC lab after school. Make sure to record the name of the actual problem set that you struggling with and you will get help in that mathematical area!

You are now ready to enroll in your class:

Go to : ****

Log into your account: remember you login is your first name middle initial last name initial and month of birth then date of birth so:

John W Smith born on September 5th – login would be johnws0905
Your password is what you created see Mr. Spaccavento or Mr. McCarthy in the MAC lab if you need this reset.


Click on the "Tutor" tab at the top of the page to show a list of your classes. The first time it will say that you are not enrolled in any classes.


Below is a list of your enrolled classes; you can view any assignments you have in those classes by clicking on "Show Assignments" next to a specific class.

So click on the “Enroll in a Class” tab which will then ask you to choose a teacher

Enrolled Classes

You are not enrolled in any classes; you can enroll by selecting a class below.

Click on the arrow and scroll down to “NAHS Math and Science”

Next you must select a class, click on the arrow and scroll down to the class that you will be taking in September. For example: "NAHS 11th Grade HSPA Prep" You can and may enroll in more than one class. You will then be asked to select a section and you should select “For March 2014 Testing”

You are now ready to Enroll by simply clicking the Enroll tab!

The next screen will resemble what you see below, click on the “assignments” tab to see the assignments for that class –you may begin your assignments at this point.

Enrolled Classes

NAHS 11th Grade HSPA Prep - For March 2014 Testing
Enroll in a class

To enroll in an additional class, just click on the "enroll in class" tap and repeat the process above for the next class.

You may also want to join the Just for Fun Class with some Math related games!

Reminder: The additional HSPA Preparation resources can be found at the follow website: