Students going into Environmental Science


Below you will find the enrichment resources, your time and effort to explore and utilize these resources is a valuable step in preparing you for success on the summer assignment as well as enhances the probability of your overall future success in this course next year.

In my mind one of the most important part of environmental science is your reactions and opinions. There is often not a correct answer for environmental issues and how well you can support your opinion & thoughts will make all of the difference. Watch the following You Tube Videos and think about how each one makes you feel and what environmental issues are important to you. You will need these videos for your summer enrichment assignment which is 10% of your 1st marking period grade. I have included the handout for the writting assignment, I will also hand out copies on the 1st day of school.

List of Videos:
Population Growth
Overpopulation Video
Renewable Energy
Conservation of Natural Resources
The human impact on this Earth

Other Resources that you should take a look at:
Earthweek: A Diary of the Planet
Weekly, this site offers a global map of natural and manmade events in the environment, along with some background information about each event. The events range from extreme temperatures to lion plagues to tropical storms to earthquakes. You can also look at an archive of past weeks.
This is the largest online environmental information resource on the planet, according to its creators
Environmental Defense Fund
The official site for the EDF, which focuses on saving the environment by educating populations and by working with industries and governments to modify environmentally harmful practices.
Natural History Museums and Collections
You can link from here to hundreds of museums, botanical gardens, conservation sites, and libraries around the world. Many of these are truly spectacular. Sources are divided by continent and arranged alphabetically.