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Calculus takes many of the concepts and methods used in Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Advanced Math and ties them together. Calculus is such a useful tool in the real world because it is the mathematics that enables us to determine, forecast, and model things that CHANGE. Whether it is the motion of moving objects, the changes in financial markets , the growth of living organisms, the rapid advances in technology, or the changes in the environment, we live in a world that has many aspects that are continually changing. Calculus is a powerful tool for analyzing, optimizing, predicting, and improving the endless array of things that are changing in our world.

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Calculus - Summer Enrichment

Attention students going into Calculus, you have also been assigned a series of exercises in:
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After logging in and enrolling in your classes, you will see list of assignments that you must complete during the summer months. Some assignments are "Skill Builder" which allows you to attain mastery (thus complete) if you answer three consecutive questions correct without using any hints. Other assignments will require you to answer all of the questions in the assignment. Your classroom teacher will analyze your individual results and based on your effort to complete all of the assignments as well as your success rate on the assignments you will be given a grade for the summer enrichment in the first marking period.

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Good Luck!