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Attention students going into Anatomy, you have been assigned a series of exercises in: ASSISTments

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After logging in and enrolling in your classes, you will see list of assignments that you must complete during the summer months. Some assignments are "Skill Builder" which allows you to attain mastery (thus complete) if you answer three consecutive questions correct without using any hints. Other assignments will require you to answer all of the questions in the assignment. Your classroom teacher will analyze your individual results and based on your effort to complete all of the assignments as well as your success rate on the assignments you will be given a grade for the summer enrichment in the first marking period.

Good Luck!


Below you will find some additional enrichment resources, your time and effort to explore and utilize these resources is a valuable step in preparing you for success on the assigned summer exercises as well as enhances the probability of your overall future success in this course next year.

Blood TypeLearn about the inheritance of blood types and Rh factors while attempting to answer real questions received from people who had concerns about the blood types of their parents or about the father of their child or grandchild.

external image 1.gifHuman Genetics Apply your knowledge of Mendelian Genetics to humans, and learn about constructing pedigrees, mapping chromosomes, and genetic disorders and much more.

WebPath:The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education is an electronic laboratory that includes over 1800 images along with text and tutorials that demonstrate gross and microscopic pathologic findings associated with human disease states. Not for the squeamish.

**DNA Structure** - An Interactive Animated Nonlinear Tutorial by Eric Martz, adapted for JMol. This tutorial is designed to complement an introduction to DNA, by providing tools for a self-directed exploration.

**Biochemistry of metabolism**: Instructional materials for a studio-format course. This Rensselaer Polytechnic site provides an extensive set of tutorials on molecular and cellular biochemistry.

**Protein Primer: a musical introduction to protein structure** - well, this page by M.A. Clark of Texas Wesleyan U. is certainly something different!