Welcome to the NAHSMath and Science Department Summer Review, Enrichment and Course Preparation site for the 2017-2018 school year.

Questions to: **Joseph.Spaccavento@narlington.k12.nj.us**

For most classes you will be required to complete a series of online exercises and activities. These exercises will be identified in the "going into" menu on the left. Click the link on the left for the course or courses that you will be beginning in September for the details! (If you do not see your course, click on the "see more" link in the lower left)

Additionally by clicking on the appropriate course on the menu to the left of your screen you will be directed to a series of video's, websites, and tutorials to help you prepare for the exercises and further prepare you for success in that course next year.

Take your time and review the material!

Your teacher may quiz your understandingof this material in September!

You will receive a grade in the first marking period basedon your completion of the summer assignments!

In addition, completing all or close to all of the assignmentswill give you the possible opportunity to earn a grade above 100so take advantage of the opportunity!

Student Enrollment Codes for ASSISTments are Listed Below
Go to ASSISTments.org. Log in and enter the appropriate code's for the courses you will be going into in September


Going into all levels of Physics 1

Summer 2017 – All Physics 1 - k8ndvx

Going into all levels of Chemistry1

Summer 2017 - Chemistryfmx2a2
Summer 2017 - Chemistry Honors - r75fkv

Going into all levels of Biology

Summer 2017 - Biology - s8rhwf

Summer 2017 - Biology Honors - etav2a

Going into Physics 2

Summer - 2017 - Physics 2 - 6jn293

Going into Engineering Physics

Summer 2017 - Engineering Physics - kzna5p

Going into Advanced Chemistry 2

Summer 2017 - Chemistry 2 - rvdx97

Going into Anatomy and Physiology & Physiology

Summer 2017 - Anatomy - vjzfyh

Going into Advanced Placement Biology (for seniors)

Summer 2017 - AP Biology - 7qh7qx


Going into Algebra 1

Summer 2017 - Algebra 1 - wjgnn4

Going into Geometry

Summer 2017 - Geometry - pcm6dh

Going in Honors Geometry

Summer 2017 - Geometry Honors - bb7s5r

Going into all levels of Algebra 2

Summer 2017 Algebra 2 - cge5v8

Summer 2017 Algebra 2 Honors - jgk7tu

Going into Algebra 2B

Summer 2017 - Algebra 2Bdyrngg

Going into all levels of PreCalculus

Summer 2017 - Precalculus - bjkz32

Summer 2017 - Precalculus Honors - b8dkfa

Going into Intro to Statistics

Summer 2017 - Intro to Statistics - wpum9w

Going into Advanced Placement Statistics

Summer 2017 - AP Statisticsbnm2x6

Going into all levels of Calculus
Summer 2017 - AP Calculus - v6q66y

Just for Fun – Math Games and Puzzles - open to all!
Summer 2017 - Just For Fun - fejg35